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Commercial Maintenance Services is a company dedicated to providing expert commercial cleaning and janitorial services to a variety of industries throughout the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia area. With decades of experience you can count on us to provide your business the level of service you expect from a professional contractor.
The cleanlinesss of your facility speaks volumes about your professionalism and your organization. At Commercial Maintenance Services (CMS), we succeed at providing top-notch janitorial services. Our goal is to invest our time and talent into making your facility clean, uncluttered, and organized to provide a healthy, stress-free working environment for you and your customers.

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Services We Provide


Vacuuming & Spot Cleaning

No job is too big with our highly-effective HEPA vacuums and spot cleaning equipment.

High and Low Dusting

One of the most overlooked features a janitorial services provider offers, dusting is essential and prevents potential allergens from being in your office environment.

Tidying and Disinfecting

After tidying your office space, we also disinfect countertops, tables and other surfaces.

Sweeping and Mopping

Reliable, professional-grade sweeping and mopping for your business.

Restock of Paper Products

We replenish paper towels in all areas of your office where needed, as well as toilet paper in the restrooms.

Trash Removal

Wastebasket, trash, and recycling material removal from all office areas


Commercial Maintenance Services was the best decision our environmental company made this year. We frequently have workers from muddy sites coming in and out of our office but they keep our workspace sparkling clean.

Corbin and his team at Commercial Maintenance Services are a tremendous help - our law office couldn't function without them.