How Office Cleaning Can Improve a Company’s Bottom Line

In-House Versus Contracted Cleaning Services
February 23, 2017

Happy Employees, Happy Customers
Maintaining a clean and tidy place of business has obvious value when it comes to attracting customers and improving reputation. In addition to these benefits, commercial cleaning in northern Virginia also impacts employees positively, directly affecting workplace productivity.

Nearly a fourth of a full-time employee’s week is spent in the workplace, in many employment scenarios. The environment they work in directly affects their health and wellbeing, as well as their performance.

A dirty, unkempt office environment is a heavy mental turn-off for your workforce. Work is a common stressor in the lives of many Americans – arriving at a messy or unsanitary workplace each day creates more stress for employees, consciously and subconsciously urging them to spend as little time as possible in such an environment. Employees subjected to an untidy workplace are less engaged, hurting your team’s cohesiveness and ability to unify.

An unclean workplace harbors germs and illness, which create absenteeism. Without regular commercial cleaning in northern Virginia, colds and disease can quickly spread throughout the office, impacting employees as well as their families at home. Sick employees become a distraction to others, affecting even those who have remained healthy despite the environment.

Build teamwork and promote health
Commercial Maintenance Services has great value when it comes to improving your company’s bottom line. Cleaning services promote health, and create an environment conducive to teamwork and productivity, benefitting your employees for the benefit of your business.

A clean workplace improves employee happiness and satisfaction. When your workforce is happier, they are more productive, problem solving is heightened, and creativity is abundant. The tidy, sanitary work environment fosters approachability, enhancing the teamwork required to solve tough problems and propel your business forward. Through commercial cleaning in northern Virginia, employers can improve productivity by up to 8 percent. This can result in a savings of $125,000 for typical firms.

Clean and healthy work environments have been shown to improve employee productivity. The environment promoted by your business should be one that fosters cooperation and positive morale.

A clean workplace lowers absenteeism, which can be quite costly to a company. In addition to lowered productivity costs, sick days cost U.S. employers approximately $225.8 billion each year. Through commercial cleaning in northern Virginia, contaminated surfaces in the workplace are reduced by 62 percent, drastically limiting the germs and viruses your employees are exposed to at work. This lowers an employee’s likelihood of contracting an illness that takes them away from work by 80 percent.
Employees aside, your customers prefer a clean environment. In fact, cleanliness is rated a top concern to customers for retail and restaurant patrons. Its importance surpasses other environmental concerns such as temperature, lighting, and noise level. Dirty bathrooms, for instance, can turn away an astounding 94 percent of customers – why risk your profits to an unsanitary, disheveled restroom?

We have the power to improve your workforce while meeting customer expectations. Cleaning services boost your bottom line in various ways, from improving employee productivity to increase profits, to attracting customers and raising sales.

Start improving your business’s bottom line today – contact Commercial Maintenance Services to discuss commercial cleaning in northern Virginia that meets the unique needs of your company.