Commercial Cleaning Solutions for Multifamily and Retail Properties

In-House Versus Contracted Cleaning Services
February 23, 2017

When marketing your multifamily housing development or commercial retail property, prospective residents and lessees make great assumptions based on the cleanliness they see. If your property appears run down and unkempt, it won’t attract the type of clients you’re seeking to lease to long-term.

Commercial cleaning in northern Virginia gives property owners the resources and flexibility needed to maintain a beautiful, attractive property. Commercial Maintenance Services delivers the power of a residential cleaning team with the scheduling and flexibility of a professional janitorial service. We offer cleaning solutions that are tailored for the specific needs of multifamily properties and retail centers.
Multifamily property cleaning
Apartments and garden condo complexes in northern Virginia are quite competitive, and seek to attract quality residents. The amenities offered by each property are quite impactful when it comes to expressing the value of the residence, and garnering appeal. Common areas need regular attention, keeping them clean and sanitary for all to see.

Working with a professional cleaning service, these tasks can be accomplished economically to achieve and maintain a beautiful property. Commercial Maintenance Services offers commercial cleaning in northern Virginia for the following categories of multifamily properties:

  • High rise condos, including shared halls, breezeways, and other common areas
  • Garden condos
  • Apartments

Commercial cleaning for retail properties
The maintenance and beauty of your retail property is critical when filling vacancies and securing long-term lessees. A well-kept property conveys value to the lessee, and can have an impact in the success and longevity of their own business which will fill your location.

Property owners know the importance of quick turnover when a vacancy arises – we do, too. Professional cleaning services can restore the appearance of your retail property to its original aesthetic once a former client vacates the location. Services are flexible to meet your needs, and cleaning can be scheduled to meet your timeline and availability. Outsourcing cleaning services allows you to focus on pressing aspects of your business without worry for quality and completion.

Commercial Maintenance Services performs commercial cleaning for properties including:

  • Retail centers
  • Strip malls
  • Industrial parks

With such value tied to the appearance of your multifamily or retail property, you shouldn’t take risks when it comes to cleaning providers. Providing high quality commercial cleaning in northern Virginia is the focus of Commercial Maintenance Services. Our expansive offering of flexible services allows us to meet each client’s needs as they arise.

Commercial Maintenance Services develops and adheres to strict quality control procedures for each property, to ensure consistent and high quality service. Our professional cleaning consultants will work with you to evaluate the needs of your property, creating a thorough service plan that addresses the concerns you have.

The cleanliness of your property has a direct effect on attracting new residents and lessees – don’t leave the aesthetics of your investment property to chance. Commercial cleaning in northern Virginia, performed by Commercial Maintenance Services, will aide you in protecting the value and appeal of your retail or multifamily property. Contact us today to discuss services for your property.