In-House Versus Contracted Cleaning Services

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February 21, 2017
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February 23, 2017

A clean facility is a critical element when it comes to maintaining your company’s image and the productivity of your workforce. Building managers can manage janitorial efforts in two ways: by hiring an in-house janitorial team, or outsourcing commercial cleaning in northern Virginia. There are advantages to both – learn more about both ways to manage janitorial services and find which solution is the right fit for your company.
Benefits of in-house janitorial teams
Many of the distinct benefits offered by maintaining an in-house janitorial crew are similar to the benefits of hiring employees versus outsourcing in various employment situations.

  • Employee buy-in, knowledge, and talent retention. Employees hired by the facility hold ownership over the building which outside contractors don’t – the aesthetics of the building directly reflect on their position, providing incentive for a job well done. Custodians employed by a facility typically remain in their positions, thanks to benefits and position security, lowering turnover which could cause service delays and expensive retraining. Employees are more familiar with the facilities and may have years of knowledge of the equipment and systems in place.
  • Secure facilities. Some facility managers prefer an in-house cleaning staff for security reasons. The staff is on-site throughout the day, creating a presence within the building when others have left. Because janitorial staffers are employees, they are familiar with other employees and the on-goings of a facility – they can recognize when something or someone is out of place, alerting facility security.
  • Faster response. With employed janitorial crews, someone is always on-hand to tend to emergency situations.

Benefits of commercial cleaning in northern Virginia
Contracting commercial cleaning in northern Virginia offers benefits which can be cost-prohibitive when maintaining an in-house staff, among other advantages.

  • Highly efficient at a lower price. Commercial cleaning services push efficiency, as it betters their own businesses. This is good for the facility, as tighter budgets can be met, and cleaning staff is sure to be well-trained without the cost and work quickly. Outsourcing to professional cleaners can save a facility substantially on cleaning supplies, depending on the contract offered by the cleaner.
  • Frees up resources. Turning to a commercial cleaning service frees up resources for the business. Focus resources on other business activities that are more productive for the bottom line, rather than hiring and managing a janitorial crew and mastering the knowledge and certifications required to manage the cleaning needs of the facility. If your facility requires specialty cleaning services, it may not be cost-effective to train and maintain an in-house crew to complete them.
  • Less liability. When contracting commercial cleaning in northern Virginia, it reduces the number of employees your business must insure. Plus, commercial cleaning services offer protections to you, as they are insured for liability and theft, as well as carry Workers’ Compensation insurance.

While an in-house janitorial team offers building managers more ownership, contracting a professional janitorial service, such as Commercial Maintenance Services, offers distinct advantages. To learn the costs associated with cleaning your facility, reach out to commercial services providers to obtain estimates, allowing you to realize the total costs of these services.

Commercial Maintenance Services offers comprehensive contracted commercial cleaning in northern Virginia. Let us take over the management of your facility’s janitorial services – we’ll create a well-kept environment for your workforce and clients.