Take pride in the appearance of your commercial building – the look of your workspaces can be greatly enhanced by thorough cleaning solutions. Commercial Maintenance Services offers janitorial services in Prince William county to aid businesses in establishing attractive and clean facilities that are inviting to customers and inspiring to employees.

Create a Productive Workplace

The cleanliness of a workplace has a direct connection to employee productivity. An office environment can harbor more germs than a toilet, contributing to sickness and absenteeism in the workplace. A thorough professional cleaning regimen will build a cleaner indoor environment not only for appearances’ sake, but for improved employee health and productivity.

Cleaning Services for Commercial Buildings

Commercial Maintenance Services provides commercial maintenance in Northern Virginia and nearby areas, serving the needs of businesses operating from commercial building space. We manage the cleaning and maintenance needs of office spaces, reception areas, and other workspaces within commercial facilities. Our commercial building services include:

  • Floor care, including carpet, hardwood, and tile
  • Removal and disposal of trash
  • Cleaning of furniture, upholstery, and window treatments
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Window and glass care
  • Cleaning of fabric cubicle partitions and room partitions
  • General cleaning of break rooms, conference rooms, and common areas
  • Cleanup and maintenance of the building’s exterior areas

Commercial Maintenance Services will evaluate the cleaning needs of your commercial building in order to best create a comprehensive building care routine. We tailor cleaning solutions to your business routines in order to provide you with spotless workspaces without interruption.

Office Building Cleaning in Northern Virginia

Maintain a clean working environment for your employees while displaying a positive, professional image for visiting clients with professional commercial maintenance in Virginia. Commercial Maintenance Services offers office building cleaning in Northern Virginia and the surrounding communities – contact us today to schedule a free quote for commercial building cleaning.

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