From preschools to college campuses, educational buildings are as diverse as the students who fill their classrooms. Students, teachers, and supporting staff require healthy facilities to create active learning environments inside.

Cleaning for a Healthier Learning Environment

Educational facilities see high volumes of students who are kept in close quarters. Students and staff are more susceptible to contracting illnesses as germs are easily spread within a school. To reduce the spread of illnesses and germs, cleaning routines for educational facilities should account for areas and surfaces which encounter higher traffic; special care should be taken to disinfect and clean such areas.

Each type of learning environment has its own diverse needs. Elementary schools are going to have different cleaning challenges as compared to a college campus. Commercial Maintenance Services recognizes the differences which make each learning environment unique, and we utilize customized cleaning and maintenance routines to address the specific challenges present within each educational facility.

Commercial Cleaning Services for Educational Facilities

Commercial Maintenance Services is committed to helping educational facilities provide clean and safe learning environments for students as well as staff. We aim to develop comprehensive cleaning plans with address all areas of an educational facility, including hallways, classrooms, cafeterias, and computer labs. Our educational cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning desks, tables, counters, and other surfaces in classrooms
  • Floor care
  • Cleaning and maintenance for restrooms
  • Stadium cleanup
  • Window and glass cleaning
  • Furniture and upholstery care
  • Graffiti removal

Allow us to analyze the maintenance and cleaning care needs of your educational building – we will design and execute a cleaning plan which will boost cleanliness and health across the facility without disrupting active learning environments.

Janitorial Services in Northern Virginia

Commercial Maintenance Services would be pleased to assist your educational facility by providing necessary commercial maintenance in Virginia. Let us establish a comprehensive cleaning plan which will target all key areas of your facility – get started today by scheduling a free quote.

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