Taxpayers expect a certain level of cleanliness and upkeep of our government buildings. The appearance of these facilities is a reflection on the representatives who work within them and our nation as a whole – proper cleaning and maintenance is needed to keep government buildings safe for the people.

Efficient Commercial Maintenance in Virginia

Tax dollars are allocated to pay for the cost of commercial cleaning and maintenance for our nation’s government buildings – Commercial Maintenance Services will compose a commercial cleaning plan for your government facility which makes efficient use of funds while delivering high quality services. Our commercial cleaning professionals are aware of the specialized needs required by government facilities, and we ensure your maintenance objectives will be met.

Despite serving a range of purposes, all government buildings should be home to safe and sanitary environments for those who work for our government as well as the constituents who also use government facilities. Commercial Maintenance Services will target problem zones and high traffic areas to create a healthy indoor environment for government workers and building patrons.

Office Building Cleaning in Northern Virginia

Commercial Maintenance Services performs janitorial services in Prince William county and the surrounding areas for government buildings, including office spaces, lobbies, meeting rooms, break rooms, and other facilities. We work in courthouses, libraries, jails, prisons, government offices, as well as police and fire stations. Our specialty services for local, municipal, state, and federal government facilities include:

  • Maintenance and cleaning for resilient, non-resilient, hardwood, and carpet flooring
  • Elevator and escalator cleaning
  • Detailed cleaning and disinfection of restrooms
  • Cleaning break rooms and employee lounges, including appliances
  • Upholstery cleaning and maintenance
  • Cleaning and maintenance of window coverings
  • Window cleaning

Commercial Maintenance in Northern Virginia

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