The cleanliness of your healthcare facility directly affects the opinions patients and other visitors form about your business. Leave a lasting, healthy impression through spotless spaces throughout your entire facility – your patients will feel more comfortable receiving medical care in a facility that is clearly cared for.

Clean Facilities Are Key to Quality Patient Care

To keep infection rates low, hospitals and other healthcare facilities must have thorough cleaning and disinfection strategies in place. Maintaining clean healthcare environments will help reduce instances of hospital-acquired infections caused by environmental contamination, and improve patient perception of the facility.

Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Commercial Maintenance Services is dedicated to providing thorough cleaning and maintenance services for healthcare facilities in and around Northern Virginia.

Our team works in hospitals, urgent care clinics, surgery centers, medical office buildings, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare sites, providing premium services which allow those in the medical field to best serve their patients. Our dedicated healthcare cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning of restrooms
  • Cleaning of patient care rooms
  • Upholstery maintenance and cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet and hard flooring maintenance
  • Use of hospital-grade cleaning solutions

We will establish a comprehensive cleaning strategy which addresses all areas within your facility, including patient care rooms, waiting areas, restrooms, and more. Our goal is to maintain clean, sanitary environments which enhance your ability to effectively care for your patients, without causing disruption. Commercial Maintenance Services utilizes safe cleaning practices to minimize cross contamination, protecting your patients and staff as well as our employees.

Healthcare Janitorial Services in Northern Virginia

The cleanliness of your healthcare facility directly impacts the health and safety of the patients you serve each day. Ensure you are providing a safe environment for both patients and staff by retaining healthcare janitorial services in Prince William county. Commercial Maintenance Services would be pleased to assist you with your facility cleaning needs – get started today with a free quote.

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