The Washington, D.C. metropolitan area is home to numerous mission critical facilities – our city and nation depend on their operations. We recognize the need for quality, reliable services and aim to meet all needs of your mission critical facility.

Goals of Commercial Cleaning for Mission Critical Environments

Because of the unique nature of mission critical operations and their importance, professional commercial cleaning and maintenance services have very specific goals. The approach we take aims to maintain safety and keep risk at a minimum as we deliver quality targeted services. Downtime is quite costly; commercial maintenance in Virginia works to keep your essential systems in top shape to avoid unexpected interruptions.

Our cleaning technicians are knowledgeable regarding the needs of mission critical environments, and we operate carefully as we perform key cleaning tasks in order to protect the integrity of your equipment.

Mission Critical Facilities We Serve

Commercial Maintenance Services provides skilled commercial maintenance in Virginia for businesses conducting mission critical operations. Facilities which benefit from our professional cleaning and maintenance services include data centers, switch rooms, computing environments, server rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, and other facilities. Our services include:

  • Disinfection and sterilization
  • Carpet and floor care
  • Upholstery and furniture cleaning and maintenance
  • High dusting
  • Stain removal
  • Subfloor sealing
  • Zinc whisker remediation
  • Console and equipment rack cleaning
  • Ladder rack maintenance and cleaning
  • Pre and post construction cleaning
  • Cleaning and maintenance of lighting fixtures

To protect your facility and staff, our employees hold the proper certifications to work in mission critical facilities. We utilize microfiber cloth and specialized cleaning chemicals approved for use around your delicate equipment.

Commercial Maintenance in Northern Virginia

Commercial Maintenance Services understands the importance of keeping mission critical work environments operating smoothly; we deliver tailored cleaning services to address the sanitation issues such facilities face, and we execute precise cleaning methods in a timely, undisruptive manner. Learn how our janitorial services in Northern Virginia will better your business – contact Commercial Maintenance Services for a free quote today.

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